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This is iRDS-Intelligent Race Driver System, is a Complete racing toolkit System developed by Daga Games, this system is for use as a tool for Unity 3d, and you would be able to make a working scene in a few minutes!
Save tons of time by using this power tool!,  It have been build in such a way that also non programers can use! and the programmers can also make their own scripts to customize it further.
it's main features are the followings:

The AI cars are configurable about the following:

  • Set how fast they would take curves by changing a single value

  • Set when the AI should enter pits by changing 2 values, min fuel to go to pits (value from 0 to 1), min

  • tire wear before enter pits (value from 0 to 1)

  • Be able to save AI drivers, so they could be randomly chosen for race

  • Set how agressive the AI would be braking on curves, by changing a single value (this would make the AI brake earlier o later)

  • Set the overtaking capabilities of the AI, like how much faster than the opponent it should go to overtake it.

  • The AI are capable of avoiding side collisions with other cars

  • Configurable sensitivity of the AI for making maneuvers (You could set amount of overtaking maneuver, side collision avoiding and getting out of track avoidance)

  • Set the Fuel tank capacity

  • Set the distance for the AI to look forward on another cars to make avoiding manuevers

  • Set the min sides distance to make avoiding maneuvers from other cars

  • Set the min Height distance to lookup on other cars to avoid them

  • For each waypoint, you could be able to set an speed override for the AI to Slowdown on some part of the tracks

  • Countersteering if the car drifts, set this values too.

  • The Tire wears during race, by making the car loose grip and heats (for maximum grip)

  • The fuel is consumed during race

  • The max speed of corners is automatically calculated from the race line

  • The pits includes a two sections where you could set different max pit's speeds, in example, the entrance could have a max speed of 80Kph and when the car enters the pit's itself, the cars (including the player's cars) could only drive at a maximum speed of 50 kph.

  • The system sets the positions on the race grid randomly

  • The system assigns each car a pitstop available.

  • The system includes it's own physics (to support the tire wearing and the automatic calculation of maximum speed of corners).

  • When the race is finished, the AI system takes control of the player car

  • Choose if the race would use pits or not.

  • Also works on sprint race Tracks (single laps too)

It is now compatible with other cars physics like UnityCar, Edy's Car Physics.

Car Physics - Car Tutorial Alternate Physics Mod

This is the car Physics that would be included in the AI System, This Physics Systems is based on the alternate Physics of the Unity 3D Car Tutorial with some major modifications.

The features included on the Physics  System are:

  • Tyre model based on Pacejka Coefficients

  • Tyre wearing

  • Tyre heating (this would let the tyres warm up, before the max grip is achieved )

  • Configurable Damper and spring ratios

  • Configurable Camber Angle

  • Configurable Ackerman ratio

  • Configurable Toe angle

  • Configurable Gear Ratios

  • Configurable Engine parameters (Max torque, Max power, Rpms for both, engine friction, rpm friction)

  • Add Turbo and configure it

  • Aerodynamic Resistance

  • Wings (for making down pressure for better grip on curve, still in development for more realistic effect, like air drag, etc.)

  • Wind sound effect

  • Scratch sound effect

  • Grass sound effect

  • Pitch min and max variables available for setting up for all sounds effects that required pitch

  • Scratch visual effect (sparks)

  • Tire bump sound effects

  • Volume multipliers to all the sound effects of the car

  • Sound effect for starting the engine

  • Static friction to the car physics

  • Clutch feature to the car engines

  • Start engine

  • Nitro

  • Skidmarks

  • BackFire

  • Engine Sound

  • Brake Sound

  • Gear change sound

  • Turbo sound

  • Blow off turbo valve sound

  • Car rigger for easy rigging your cars (is like a wizard)

  • Traction control

  • ESC -Electronic Stability Control

  • Steer helper

  • ABS - Anti-Lock Brake System

  • Car Damage

  • Skid Sound

  • Grass particles

  • Dust particle (when the car is travelling on a dirt/sand surface)

  • Car HUD (Tachometer, Odometer, Gear, etc.)

  • Per Car HUD (Tachometer, Odometer, Gear, etc.)

  • Brake settings (Hand Brake and normal brake forces)

  • Automatic calculation of the mass fraction of the tires based on the position of the CoG (like in real world)



Up coming on the next release:


  • Sounds array- you could add many more sounds based on some events, like like tire hitting an specific physics material, AI overtaking, AI avoiding, AI braking, etc.

  • Speed limiter for the car

  • Rolling resistance by physics materials



iRDS Racing Game toolkit for Unity 3D


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